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We offer professional cleaning services for your office and commercial cleaning solutions in Central and Seacoast Regions 

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ATC Quality Cleaning Service Solutions

Providing all types of cleaning solutions for every small and large businesses, organizations, and occasional services 

Office Cleaning Services

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Always there, whether it be the cleaning or the customer service. Always ready to take care of an extra job or emergency clean-up. Not having to worry if your facility is going to be cleaned properly and properly secured afterward. Knowing that any employee in your facility is trained well and has had background checks and drug testing done.

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Something that is lacking in this industry. Ever notice how cleaning company’s seem to slip up and slack off after a couple years? Here we strive to continue high quality cleaning each-and-every-day. Always friendly and making sure things get done right the first time. And if we slip up, make every effort possible to make sure it doesn’t happen again!.

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Your building will be cleaned thoroughly and properly, with appropriate chemicals. This is particularly important with the infectious viruses that have been going around these past several years! Quality also means that you will get a monthly call from the owner and a monthly cleaning inspection to ensure the job is getting done right.

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ATC Janitorial Services

We Offer all of Our Services with Daily, Weekly or Monthly  Agreements.